The Start

•January 17, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Welcome to Skeptor, a Toronto based blog looking at the realities of our world and the escapists fantasies we enjoy so much. As an artists and a fan of many forms of escapism I hope to share my views on the full spectrum from the innocent (video games, movies, TV) to the harmful (quack medicine, psychic scams).

My posts may range from movie reviews to skeptical rants regarding the many sad and maddening forms of pseudoscience.

To begin I’ve made a list of prediction for 2009, I suspect they will be at least as accurate as those made by the psychics of the world and hopefully will be at least a bit funnier.

Predictions for 2009

  1. The US will be hit by a major natural disaster.
  2. Oprah will continue to promote a fantasy based worldview. -(Confirmed)
  3. Hollywood will see a number of hits this year.
  4. The stock market will undergo some major change
  5. Brad and Angelina will get a lot of attention this year
  6. PrimevilKneivel will be late with his predictions.
  7. Computer processing speeds will increase by roughly 66%
  8. Scientists will be baffled according to the media.
  9. Jenny McCarthy will publicly display her lack of scientific and medical understanding.-(Confirmed)
  10. People will believe what she says anyway.

Well, that’s my first post. In my future posts I will be more in depth on a given topic but for now I figured I should just get it out there.